Blue's Birthday Adventure, also known as Blue's Birthday, is a PC game released on August 4, 1998 by Humongous Entertainment.


Happy Birthday to Blue!

Steve, Tickety, Slippery and all of Blue's Friends need help preparing for Blue's birthday party! There's so much to do. Create a personalized card for Blue, select a special present play lots of multi-level learning games, explore in and around Blue's house and yard...and of course, find and solve NEW Blue's Clues™. Help Steve figure out what party favor Blue wants to give to her guests, what she wants to eat, and more. With so much to explore, create, play and solve, every day can be a birthday celebration in this original adventure.

2-disc CD-ROM set features:

  • 4 NEW Blue's Clues games
  • 9 multi-level learning activities and 4 creative games
  • A interactive Handy Dandy Notebook
  • Adjustable levels of difficulty
  • Birthdayland, an enchanting new world to explore
  • NEW characters and places to discover
  • 4 Blue Skidoo locations
  • Hundreds of ever-changing clickable surprises
  • Easy-to-use, in-depth Help File

Blue and her friends help you learn essential early learning skills, including:

  • Critical thinking and logical problem-solving
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Spatial perception and relationships
  • Sorting, classifying and matching
  • Colors, shapes and patterns
  • Sound discrimination


Red Disc

Yellow Disc


The difficulty setting affects the clue drawing procedures: in "Beginning" difficulty, the player just had to pick the matching drawing; in "Intermediate" difficulty, the the player had to put the pieces of the drawing together like a puzzle; in"Advanced" difficulty, it is similar to "Intermediate" except there're extra pieces.

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