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  • This is the first time where Steve greets the viewers in a low-pitched voice. The second will be Blue's Big Holiday.
  • There was no We Just Got a Letter.
  • This was the first time since "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?" in which Daniel R. Anderson was a content consultant.
  • This is the first episode to have clues drawn in three different colors. the first clue was the regular black color, the second clue was drawn in red, and the third clue was drawn in green.
  • This is the first episode (not counting Steve's friends in the letters) to feature new live-actors other than Steve.
  • There is a 2-disc PC game made from Humongous Entertainment based on the episode under a similar name.
    • The game maintains the essence of the story, but made a lot of alterations for gameplay.
  • This is the only time the intro of the show was interrupted.
    • It started when Steve was about to ask the viewers where Blue was when Mailbox called out, Mailtime.
    • When the music winds down, the chorus of Mailtime song plays.
  • This is the fourth time "A Clue, A Clue" is heard.
  • This is the sixth time "A Clue, A Clue" phrase is heard.
  • In the closing credits, an instrumental version of We Sat on Down played.
    • Angela Santomero is credited as Angela C. Santomero.
    • This is the first time in the series where an entire page of credits were used for Special Guests:
    • Gregory Hines (Jack) and Carol Kane (Little Miss Muffet) were credited for Special Guest Voices
    • Rue McClanahan (Steve's Grandmother) was credited for Special Guest Appearance.
  • The last four notes played in the instrumental version of We Sat on Down sounds the same as the last four notes played at the end credits of the Cinar animated series, "The Little Lulu Show" that aired from 1995-1999.
  • Steve and Blue skidooed together into The Land of Great Discovery.
  • The kangaroo in the riddle resembled an orange version of Pink, Purple, and Green Kangaroo.
  • The Land of Great Discovery itself (especially its entrance), is very similar to Wonderland.
  • This is the only episode featuring Steve where the characters do not join in after figuring out Blue's Clues.
    • On top of that, this is the first episode that this has happened.
  • The We Sat on Down song that Steve sings in this episode (in place of We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues) will become Joe's song that he sings when he is introduced to the program in late Season Four, although it will start reusing it in Steve Goes to College (the Season 4 finale episode).
  • This is the last episode to use the usual Thinking Chair tones from the previous two Seasons.
    • The rest of this season's episodes will have newly recorded Thinking Chair tones from that point on.
  • This is one of the only instances where Steve has a different design on the notebook relating to what the show is about.
  • This episode is the first of two episodes on the VHS of the same name along with "Blue's News".
  • The music played in this episode when the clues are on the screen and also when Steve's Grandma shows up is Things I Love to Do for the above-mentioned album.
  • This episode is also available as a music album (for which the clue is set different).
  • In the Blue's Clues theme song, Blue holds the regular notebook instead of the treasure hunt notebook.
  • The Notebook voice over from Mailbox's Birthday is slightly different.
  • This is one of the only episodes where Steve doesn't say "We'll play Blue's Clues to figure out (insert question here)" before the song "We are Gonna Play Blue's Clues". Instead, he said that Blue always knows the answers to Blue's Clues. However, he did say the original phrase after singing the song.
  • This episode marks as Nick Jr.'s primetime special.
  • This is the first episode where Steve does not get a video letter. Instead, he just gets a treasure chest with a map inside. The other was in Blue's Big Mystery, where he just gets a normal letter with a maple leaf inside.
  • There is no Kevin or Duarte version because the producers cannot find an actress to play Kevin/Duarte's Grandmother. However there was a UK version of Blue's Big Treasure Hunt, but only the book version.
  • A re-recorded footage of Steve's dialogue is used so that Mailbox can interrupt him that it is Mailtime.
    • This is one of the three episodes in Season 3 to use a re-recorded footage of Steve's dialogue instead of the one used in Season 1 & 2. The other two being Blue's Big Holiday and The Wrong Shirt.
  • This is the first time that Blue does not join in with the Mailtime song.
  • This is the first and only time Steve sings We Sat On Down, as well as the first episode to feature it.
  • This is the only episode where Mailtime happens at the beginning before playing Blue's Clues.
  • In this episode, the viewers don't know what yo-yo starts with, so they say the question "Why?", instead, but as a matter of fact, Steve calls it "The Letter Y".
  • After Steve says "The Letter Y", Mrs. Pepper writes it under the blank in the frame being zoomed out, but not in.
  • This episode will be remade in the reboot, titled Treasure Hunt with Blue.


  • When Steve sings We Sat On Down, the captions instead say: We Settled Down.