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Blue's Big News Volume 2: The Baby's Here! is the second volume of a Blue's Clues VHS tape featuring two episodes from its 4th season.

Episodes Featured[]


  1. Paramount Logo (Still)
  2. Coming to Theaters
  3. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Trailer
  4. Paramount Logo (Still)
  5. Now Available on Videocassette
  6. Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Little Bill and Dora the Explorer) (Now Available)
  7. The Little Bear Movie VHS Trailer
  8. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie VHS & DVD Trailer
  9. Rugrats: 10th Anniversary: Decade in Diapers: Collector's Edition and All Grown Up VHS Trailer
  10. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  11. Paramount Home Video Logo
  12. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper (Version 1: Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Little Bill Variant)
  13. Face Looks for Blue (Short Version)
  14. "Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day"
  15. Face Watches a Parade (Short Version)
  16. "The Baby's Here!"
  17. Blue's Clues Credits (Blue's Big Mystery)
  18. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper (Version 1: Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Little Bill Variant)
  19. Nick Jr. Monkeys Logo
  20. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  21. Paramount Home Video Logo

Face Promos[]

  1. Face Looks for Blue (Short Version)
  2. Face Watches a Parade (Short Version)


  • This & the 1st volume were produced by Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures on November 6, 2001.
  • This is the last VHS to have a separate credit sequence for the entire VHS.
  • This and Read All About It! marks the last Videocassette to be released in Orange Videocassette Tape.
  • This is the second time the Nickelodeon Haystack logo appears at the end of the video after the Nick Jr. Monkeys logo. It was taken over the other Blue's Clues videos from 2002 to 2004.
  • Although Periwinkle appears as a baby on the cover, he does not appear in either of the two episodes and therefore does not appear in the tape at all.
  • The credit sequence's music for Playtime with Periwinkle, as used from "Blue's Big Mystery", was reused for the credit sequence of this video.
  • This and Read All About It! marks the 4th and 5th videos to have back-to-back Blue's Clues episodes. The first being ABC's and 123's, the second being Blue's Discoveries, and the third being Playtime with Periwinkle.
  • The Face Looks for Blue segment was previously seen on the 1999 VHS of Blue's Clues: Blue's Discoveries, it would be seen one more time on the 2003 VHS of Blue's Clues: 100th Episode Celebration.
  • This is the second volume for the Blue's Big News series.
  • This video was released exactly one year after "Prehistoric Blue" aired.
  • Just like the previous video, this VHS contains 2 episodes from the 4th season, but the previous involves Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's special day and this involves when we welcome the new baby.
  • This and Read All About It! marks the last VHS's to be released in 2001.
  • Just like in "Café Blue", "Blue's Big Holiday" and "Read All About It!", the two Paramount bumpers in this VHS are again "Coming to Theaters" and "Now Available on Videocassette".
  • Although the 1999 Nick Jr. Productions logo is at the end of every other Blue's Clues VHS from 2000-2005, but this VHS, Read All About It! and Telling Time With Blue does not have the 1999 Nick Jr. Productions logo at all, Just the Nick Jr. Monkeys, Nickelodeon Haypile and Paramount Home Video logos.
  • The previews from this VHS are the same previews as Blue's Clues: Café Blue, Blue's Big Holiday, Read All About It!; Little Bear: Let's Play a Game; Little Bill: What I Did at School; and Dora the Explorer: To the Rescue 2001 VHS



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  • November 6, 2001