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  • Executive Producers: Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero
  • Executive Producers: Vince Commisso, Wendy Harris, Jennifer Twomey
  • Series Director: Vadim Kapridov
  • Directed by: Steve Wright, Jennifer Sherman
  • Starring: Josh Dela Cruz as Josh
  • Supervising Producer: Shevaun Gray
  • Series Producer: Paula Tomiko Potts
  • Line Producer: Eric Gomes
  • Producer: Ana Voci
  • Production Manager: Breanne Hutchins
  • Associate Producer: Maddie Kroll
  • Production Coordinator: Holly Pace
  • Production Assistant: Thomas Stroud
  • Head Writer: Jill Cozza-Turner
  • Writer/Producer: Angela C. Santomero
  • Story Editor: Jorge Aguirre
  • Jr. Story Editor: Caitlin Hodson
  • Script Coordinators: Alyson Piekarsky, Ashley Lannigan
  • Research Director: Jess deMonsabert, PhD
  • Research Manager & Analyst: Noriko Louison
  • Research Coordinator: Sheryl McGloffin-Pinto
  • Research Artist: Amanda Baehr Fuller
  • Special Guest: Mr. Oregano: David Krumholtz
  • Character Voices
  • Josh's Friends: Emma Mackness, Lucien Duncan Reid, Molly Lewis, Elle Simons
  • Voice Director: Alyson Court
  • Casting by: Alyson Court, Kim Hurdon, CDC, Millie Tom, Lindsay Klein, CSA, Ann Maney, CSA, Danielle Pretsfelder, CSA, Julie Rose, CSA
  • Casting Associate: Beth Benge
  • Shoot Board Artist: Kanako Iwata
  • Storyboard Supervisor: Wen Ling Lim
  • Storyboard Revisionists: Samantha Braithwaite, Adarsh Peter, Brian Poehlman, Faisal Raja, Michael Tampoya
  • Art Director: Vladimir Kato
  • Funpack Designers: Denis Gagne, Hyera Lee, Dilraj Gahunia
  • Design Supervisor: Hyera Lee
  • Modeller/Surfacer: Alexis Patoine
  • Designers: Melissa Lee, Rachel Joseph, Myrthus Nacario
  • Layout Supervisor: Denis Gagne
  • Layout Artists: Andrew Manzanares, Wayne Arenburg
  • Background Supervisor: Daniel Underdown
  • Background Painters: Kellie deVries, Fraeya Pinto
  • Scene Set-Up Artist: Brad Zimmerman
  • 3D Rigger: Andrzej Kloc
  • 2D Rigging Supervisor: Inna Testolini
  • 2D Riggers: Semar Chahrour, Lisha Lin
  • 2D Animation Supervisors: Huy Tran, Mike Yunker
  • 2D Animators: Leah Alcantara, Jenelle Cardinal, Elizabeth Da Ponte, Matthew Da Silva, Wincy Li
  • Stunt/FX Animator: Justin Salgado
  • 3D Animation Supervisor: Melissa "Luna" Hinks
  • 3D Animators: Denis Bejtic, Peter Floyd, Morgan Ginsberg, Dominic Gronowski, Heather Leach, Jenna Livingston, Jeff McIntyre, Dean Parent, Venkat Prasad, Barry A. Sanders, Elisa Almeida Ucci, Rebecca Yau, Christopher Wolfe
  • CG Supervisor: Zebulon Pike
  • Asset Supervisor: Kosta Lavrinuk
  • 3D Generalist: Preethi Venkateswaran
  • Compositing Supervisor: Elina Iskoz
  • Compositors: Robert Dale, Eshan Dissanayake, Nathan Day, Marianne Del Rosario, Kadelle Liburd, Khoi Mai, Henrique Obuti, Samantha Skinner
  • Live Action Crew
    • Producer: Shevaun Gray
    • Line Producer: Patrick Quinn
    • 1st Assistant Director: James Rait
    • Director of Photography: Simon Riera
    • 2nd Assistant Camera: Jason MacFarlane
    • Script Supervisor: Soo-Won Lee
    • Digital Media Technician: Adam DeLisle
    • Sound Recordist/Mixer: Carlos Valdez
    • Video Letter Directed by: Nathalie Toriel
    • Key Hair & Make-Up: Kerry Vaughan
    • Costume Designer: Alexis Yamamoto
    • Costume Assistant: Alina Yakus
    • Talent Assistant: Ashley Kranz
    • Production Coordinator: Laura Tremblay
    • Assistant Production Coordinator: Devika Smith
    • Property Master: Samantha Roddick
    • Prop Builder: Mike Law
    • Key/Dolly Grip: Ben Dundas
    • Gaffer: Kendall McColl
    • Clue Drawings by: Jason Charles Hatton
    • Catering: Mimico Foods Co.
    • Opening Sequence Choreographer: Amy Wright
  • IT Manager: Renee Nakatsu
  • Technical Director: Howard Cassidy
  • Technical Support: Chris Brown, Gene Crawford, Lauren Cruz, Gavin Myles, Chris Quirk, Mark Roy, Sherrill Sheng
  • Pipeline Technical Team: Warda Ahmed, Patrick Hart, Andrew Klaassen, Jason Lin, Danielle Mahaffey, Kathleen Tran
  • Render Wranglers: Akito Roberge, Kirk Price
  • Head of Post Production: Allison Nantais
  • Post Production Supervisor: Sean Tolhurst
  • Online Post Facility: Creative Post
  • Online Colorist: Igor Petrof
  • Post Production Coordinator: Meabh Boyle
  • Editors: Deanna Scriver, Carolina Tran-Yong, Dan Silver
  • Assistant Editor: Phil James
  • Audio Post Production: Beatstreet NYC
  • Audio Post Production Supervisor: Joe Franco
  • Supervisor Sound Editor: Matt Longoria
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Bobb Barito & Matt Longoria
  • Dialogue & Music Editor: Matt Longoria
  • Sound Effects & Foley: Bobb Barito
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Jackson Roe
  • Music by: PT Walkley
  • Arrangements by: PT Walkley
  • Theme Song Written and Produced by: Peter Zizzo
  • Based on Music by: Mike Rubin and Nick Balaban
  • Business & Legal Affairs: Roni Hoffman, Krista Barron
  • Director of Production: Nisa Contreras
  • Supervising Producer: Martin Sal
  • Production Accounting: Ally Hausen, Kimberley Ah-Chong, Maryann Comuniello, Nicholas Faught
  • Executive Assistants: Rosalie Rubinstein, Brittany Groveman
  • Consulting Producers: Nora Keely, Marcy Pritchard, Jeremy Slutskin, Steve Burns, Vadim Kapridov, Jennifer Sherman
  • Special Thanks: Sign Language Center, Polly Dodge Center, Pie In The Sky Studio
  • For Nickelodeon
  • Sr. Manager, Animation Production & Development: Marielle Kaar
  • Sr. Director, Animation Production: Kelly-Ann Fentress Krawchuck
  • Manager, Animation Production: Jennifer Burke
  • Director, Production Workflow Technologies: Jack Reynolds
  • Special Thanks: Brian Robbins, Ramsey Naito, Eryk Casemiro, Angelique Yen, David J. Steinberg, Keiren Fisher
  • Vice President of Animation Production: Patty Henry-Robinson
  • Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon: Sarah Landy
  • ©2021 ViacomCBS International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, Blue's Clues & You!, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of ViacomCBS International Inc.
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Season 4
"The Legend of the Jack O'Lantern" • "A Blue Christmas with You!" • "Blue's Wish Comes True!" • "Magenta's Thank You Day Surprise" • "Firefighter Blue to the Rescue!" • "Knights of the Snack Table" • "Night at the Blueseum" • "A Tale of Shovel & Pail" • "The Case of the Missing Thinking Chair" • "Return of the Thinking Squad" • "Rainbow Puppy's Big Farm Fair" • "Pearl's Kickball Championship" • "The Big Blue Derby" • "Blue's New Pet" • "The Wizard of Skidoo" • "Josh's Crummy Day" • "Josh and Blue's Ice Cream Shop" • "The Silly Smelly Smell" • "Rock On, Rainbow Puppy!" • "Hola, Mexico City!" • "Josh Visits the Philippines!" • "Happy Birthday, Sage & Ginger" • "If You Don't See It, Be It!" • "Hotel Blue" • "Blue's Breaking News" • "Blue's Countdown Celebration"
Season 5