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Blue's Big Musical is a Blue's Clues direct-to-video special/movie and the 19th episode from Season 3. During Season 4, this movie was made on VHS and DVD in October 3, 2000, and aired for the first time on Nickelodeon on January 13, 2002.



In a special double-length episode, everyone in Storybook World is getting ready for a big musical - the You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be Show, directed by Periwinkle, about what they want to be when they grow up, except him. But unfortunately, Tickety can't be Blue's singing partner in the show. The only way to figure out who should be Blue's singing partner is by using imaginations and playing Blue's Clues!


  • Question: Who should be Blue's singing partner?
  • Clues:
  • Wrong Answer: Fake Steve
  • Answer: Sidetable Drawer
  • Skidoo location: G-Clef's page of piano music
  • Living room picture: A star with a music note in it
  • Felt Frame Picture: Fifi playing a flute and Freddy is playing drums




At the start of the special, Blue, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper welcome us into the house. They are preparing for a big show in the backyard and now they can really get ready. There is one character that is missing though, Steve. They can hear him snoring, it seems that he is still in bed sleeping. Mr. Salt says that it is time for Paprika to have breakfast, and leaves with Mrs. Pepper and Paprika. As Steve mumbles in his sleep, Blue and Tickety manage to wake him up by yelling out "Wake up, Steve!!". Steve groggily sits up and he said that the viewer is here really early this morning. Steve realizes that today is the big music show and he has overslept by mistake. Fortunately, he tells them, through song, that if we work fast and hard, we can still be ready in time for the "You Can Be Anything That You Wanna Be" show, which is about what everyone wants to be when they grow up.

After getting ready, the residents of the Blue's Clues house walk into the kitchen for a big breakfast. Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika serve various food such as pancakes, toast, fruit, cereal, and orange juice. While eating, the characters begin a conversation about the big music show. Periwinkle eavesdrops on them, believing them to be talking about a magic show. Afterward, Periwinkle leaves to rehearse.

Inside, Blue gives Steve a clipboard of things that they need to do to get ready for the big day. having their breakfast is the very first thing, so Steve crosses breakfast off of his list of things to do. The characters talk about what they are going to be doing in the show. Slippery says he wants to be captain on a boat when he grows up. Shovel and Pail are going to sing about being animal doctors. Mailbox says he plans to sing about being a comedian. Blue and Tickety are going to sing a duet about being teachers. However, while rehearsing, Tickety's voice starts becoming raspy. Steve tells her that she can still be a part of the show by ringing her bells. However, this leaves Blue without a singing partner. Blue was very sad because she does not want to sing all-alone, but Tickety thinks that as long as Blue does not give up, she can go on with a new singing partner.

Blue perks up and agrees and decides that they will play Blue's Clues to figure out who it is. Steve adds it to the checklist. Steve goes to get his notebook from Sidetable but is called by Mr. Salt, who needs some help in the kitchen. While Steve goes to check on the problem, Sidetable sadly sings to herself about how she wants to be in the show but is too shy to say anything about it. When Steve returns, Sidetable tries to tell Steve her desires but gives up and lets Steve take his notebook. Steve tells the viewers at home that he loves songs, and he loves making up songs. In fact, he wants to make up a song to sing with them in the big music show, so he adds it to the to-do list.

As Steve begins to look for clues outside, he laments to the viewers how he never found a clue without their or anyone's help, and how he would like to try and find one himself before the viewer spotting it. However, the first clue is revealed to be on the notebook, as pointed out by the viewers. Steve compliments their clue finding skills, saying that he wishes he was as good at finding clues as the viewers were.

Surreptitiously, Periwinkle nabs Steve's checklist, hides it under a cape, and shows the viewers a trick where he makes the checklist appear. He then leaves it on a table and goes to look for Steve, who shows up and finds the clipboard. Sidetable tries to talk to Steve again, but Slippery calls him to help out with making hats. The viewers are left alone with Sidetable again and she vows that this time, she is really going to tell Steve that she wants to be in the show.

Meanwhile, Slippery and Steve come in with many hats and start singing a song called Silly Hat. Sidetable tries to talk to Steve again, but her shyness gets the best of her again, causing her to just say she wants to help out in the show. Steve then tells her to hold the hats on her table, which leaves her sad. Several of Steve's friends appear with multiple props, asking him what to do with them. Through song, Steve helps them and they all finish the stage.

Periwinkle shows up yet again, trying to get Steve to view his magic, but Mr. Salt needs Steve's help in the kitchen again. This time Mr. Salt was trying to find the chocolate chips. While Steve was in the kitchen, Periwinkle shows the viewers another magic trick. Periwinkle was going to make a green knob disappear. He does so by moving it behind him with his tail. He then leaves, uncovering a clue on a different knob.

Steve appears and is disappointed that he had not found it himself. There is still one left, though, so he figures that maybe he will find that one, but he realizes that he left his notebook somewhere else offscreen. Periwinkle, meanwhile, returns to find that Steve had left. He sadly comments that he is sure Steve would like his tricks, if only he had a chance to show him. After Mr. Salt delivers cookies, Steve checks snacks off the list and then notices that they still need to finish their song.

So, Blue, Steve, and the viewers skidoo into a music sheet. Meanwhile, Steve talks to an anthropomorphic G-Clef, who offers to help him write a song. While in the music sheet, Steve learns about notes. Some notes are high, and some notes are low (as shown on a staff). The notes then sing in unison from different pitches about putting the notes together. Steve also learns about rhythm and tempo. Steve then comes up with a song, consisting of the words "beep bop bay". However, he feels his song is incomplete, even with rhythm and tempo. G-Clef tells him that music comes from inside. Soon, Steve develops a complete song and now there is only one thing left to do on the checklist, and that is to find the last clue.

As Steve searches around for it, Periwinkle shows up for the third time to show Steve a magic trick. However, just as Periwinkle left to get the trick ready, Steve is called to Tickets and Blue to help Slippery, and walks away. As Periwinkle came back, the viewers tell Periwinkle that Steve left again to help somebody. He complains that with Steve being so busy, he will never get to see his magic tricks. Meanwhile, Slippery is having trouble rehearsing his act. He is afraid he will slip on stage. Steve tells him not to give up, but to go on. After hearing this, Slippery feels better. Upon returning to the real world, Sidetable tries to tell Steve her desires again, but once again fails. Steve then has her collect tickets.

After that, Steve tries to find the third clue himself, with no avail. He begins to think that he might never find it, but his friends tell him in song what he told Slippery; "Don't give up, just go on." Steve returns to find the clue and runs into a stack of boxes. A cardboard drawer lands in his hands, which is revealed to be not only the final clue but Steve's very first clue! As he looks directly at his very first clue, Steve feels very triumphant and victorious. Steve happily gets out his notebook, draws the clue, and runs to the Thinking Chair before the show can start. Impulsively, he focuses on one clue, the notebook, and thinks a fake version of himself is the right answer. But he realizes that he doesn't have a drawer or a knob. After analyzing the clues, Steve and the viewers come to the conclusion that Blue wants Sidetable to be her new partner. Steve goes to tell Sidetable, but then remembers that Sidetable was collecting tickets. So, Steve and his friends look for Sidetable by the end of the fence post.

Once they got there, however, Sidetable's nowhere to be seen, so everybody decides to split up and try to find her. Periwinkle appears again, asking Steve if he will watch his trick. Steve, instead, assigns Periwinkle and the viewers to look for Sidetable together in the backyard. They find her, and it turns out that she was hiding from the others because she believes she is not going to be in the big music show, and she is too shy to ask. She sings her song again, and after Periwinkle compliments her, she becomes happy again and is ready to tell Steve about her desires, yet again. Periwinkle then comes up with an idea to do for a magic trick. Periwinkle tells Sidetable that he will make her appear for everyone to see. He hides her under his cape and yells for everybody to come here. Steve and his friends see Periwinkle and he tells them to say the magic words, "Peri pocus, hocus crocus!". The trick works and Sidetable tells Steve she wants to sing in the music show and Steve tells her that they were looking for her because Blue wants to be her singing partner in the music show.

However, Periwinkle is confused by all of this, as he thought it was a magic show. Everybody tells him that it is not a magic show, it was a music show, where they can do various things, like make up songs, do dances, tell jokes and wisecracks, wear costumes, and sing. This, however, does not make him happy because singing is not his strong suit, magic is. Disappointed, he hides under his cape. Tickety goes to Periwinkle and tells him not to give up and she offers that Periwinkle could do something else in the show. Purple Kangaroo then tells the group that the crowd is getting impatient. However, nobody is ready yet: Mailbox forgot his jokes, Slippery does not have his costume, Sidetable and Blue need more practice, Shovel and Pail need to search for the animals, and Tickety tells Steve that they need more time. Steve has them go practice and tells Periwinkle to perform his magic to entertain the audience to keep them busy, while they get ready for the show.

As everyone prepares backstage, the audience is delighted by Periwinkle's tricks, until finally everyone is ready to start the show and he performs his final trick; "Peri pocus, hocus crocus, gotta go-cus." When everybody is ready, Slippery goes onstage, and slips, just like he was worried about. Everybody tells him to not give up and go on. Slippery picks himself up and continues. After Shovel and Pail's doctor act, Mailbox joins in the show with a joke, getting stuck at first, but they help him to get free. After this, Blue and Sidetable both go on and sing. Steve then goes up and sings his song, overcoming his nervousness, and finally everyone joins in for a reprise of the main number. The curtain closes and opens revealing everyone. They thank the viewers for their help with a group singing the slower, Broadway-style version of The So Long Song. Steve tells everyone, including the viewers, to take a bow, and everyone proceeds to do so, as the special draws to a close.


  1. Today's the Big Day^
  2. At the Show
  3. The Breakfast Song
  4. The Clipboard Shuffle
  5. We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues
  6. Sidetable's Lament^^
  7. Play Blue's Clues
  8. We Are Looking for Blue's Clues
  9. Silly Hat
  10. Putting It All Together
  11. Notes
  12. Rhythm
  13. Tempo
  14. Dynamics^
  15. Sing (There It Is)^^
  16. As Smart as You^
  17. We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues
  18. The Magic of Theater^
  19. I Can Be Anything That I Want to Be
  20. The So Long Song (Broadway-style version)

^ - The song was made exclusively for the album, and is nowhere to be seen in the movie itself.
^^ - The song is an extended version from how it appeared in this film.


  • G-Clef, Notes, Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Horace, Red Bird & Blue Bird all do not appear at the end of this movie episode because they were very busy in Page of Music, and they have gone back home to another house in the tree nests.
  • Steve's pajamas are not seen at the end of the movie because they were left behind in Steve's closet in the bedroom.
  • Blue is wearing hat are not seen right after playing blue's clues is solved like movies Blue's Birthday, Adventure, 100th Episode Celebration, Blue's New Place, Joe's Surprise Party, The Anything Box, What Does Blue Want To Give Her Guests At Her Party?, Blue's Senses, What Does Blue Want To Eat At Her Party?, What Does Blue Want To Do At Her Party? and What Does Blue Want To Play?.
  • Danielle Brown, David Edwards, Kenny Kim, Jamie O'Donnell, Gemini Quintos, Jessie Regina, Madeleine Steinberg, and Anna Sherman Weiss are all friends of Steve in this special. Kenny later voiced Periwinkle in Season 4, Jamie is related to Rosie O'Donnell.
  • Mattel Interactive published a video game on the PlayStation inspired by the special.
  • This the 3rd and last episode until What's New, Blue? to use Sidetable Drawer's mid-Season 4 design. The first was Pool Party and the second was Nature.
  • Kid Rhino Records published a soundtrack featuring all the music and original songs from the special.
  • Clips from this special, alongside other Blue's Clues episodes, were seen on a Behind the Scenes look on the show called "Backstage at Blue's Clues" (Found on the DVD release).
  • Scenes from this episode were also used for the We Are Family crossover music video.
  • This is the first time the hosts getting dressed from Morning Music & Tickety's Big Musical Morning is seen.
  • Blue & Tickety Tock yelling "Wake Up, Steve!" was a reference to "The Wiggles Wake Up Jeff (1996)", like in the episodes Morning Music & Tickety's Big Musical Morning.
  • This special is often abbreviated to/known as Blue's Big Musical, even though on trailers, commercials, the logo, and in the special itself it is called Blue's Big Musical Movie.
  • This is the first time Sidetable interacts with any character besides Steve and the viewer.
    • She appeared outside the living room in Thankful at the table for Thanksgiving dinner.
    • This is also the second time Sidetable was outside, after Nature.
  • Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika do not have a part in the musical, but they all sang "The Breakfast Song" and the former two sang "Putting it Together."
  • This is the first episode not to have the Mailtime and Video Letter segments at all.
  • This is the final time the show uses the original archive kid voiceovers including the usual "No, it's a Clue!" line from Adventures in Art.
  • This is the first time in the series to have a 90-degree angle inside the house.
  • The music clips during the end credits came from the following older episodes: Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!, A Snowy Day, Mailbox's Birthday, What Was Blue's Dream About?, What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?, Blue Wants to Play a Game, What Does Blue Want to Make?, and What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?.
  • The music from What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? will be heard in the 100th Episode Celebration.
  • At the end of the credits, Blue barks "Bye-bye!", but the captions say she's actually saying it.
  • In the Nick Jr. Productions logo, the tail ending of the music plays for most of the logo, but without the first child laughter, and the music overlaps the closing credits before the last two notes of the logo.
  • There is no Nickelodeon logo as the copyright is shown with the hippos logo on the VHS release.
  • On the DVD release and the Canadian VHS release., there is no Nick Jr. hippo logo or Nickelodeon bone logo at all, and it immediately cuts to the Nick Jr. Kids closing bumper after the Nick Jr. Productions logo.
  • This is the only episode where Steve finds a clue before the viewer alike the first episode of Blue’s Clues Snack Time.
  • Unlike most episodes of this show, there is no Kevin, Duarte or HyunShup Shin version of this episode, likely due to the extensive length of the episode compared to other episodes (which in this case, a usual episode would be 24 minutes).
  • This episode has the longest "Race to the Thinking Chair" sequence in the whole show, as Steve was trying to make it but says hello to various guests along the way and the ticket holders kept asking when the show was starting.
  • This is the 1st time Magenta and Green Puppy's paw prints appear onscreen, though on their paws.
  • This is the 1st movie just like in Fantasia (1940)
  • Evan Dorfman voices Slippery's singing while Cody Ross Pitts voices him speaking. Dorfman later voiced Slippery's singing in Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day and Bedtime Business.
  • Singer and songwriter Ray Charles provided the voice of G-Clef in this special.
    • This would also mark his final voiceover role for a film before he passed away in 2004.
  • Steve does not appear in the opening sequence due to him still being asleep, so Blue chooses to take over with the viewer barking "Hi, out there!" and "Oh, come on in!" just like him.
  • In 2001 they’ve made A Coloring Book Version Inspired By The Movie
  • This is the first Blue's Clues episode where we see Mailbox's back.
  • Much of the scenes would be reused during the Backstage at Blue's Clues special feature on the Blue's Big Musical Movie DVD.
    • The footage where Steve says, "Who should be Blue's Singing Partner?".
    • The footage where Steve opens the notebook before says "Notebook".
    • Blue opening the door and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper and Paprika came in.
    • The footage where Tickety Tock says "Steve".
    • The footage where Slippery Soap says, "Like a captain in the--" "On a rolling on a--".
    • The footage where Mailbox and Pail asks, "What should we do all this stuff?".
    • The footage where After Steve asks "What should put it together with these brushes?"
    • The footage where All Friends singing Putting It All Together and Mailbox says "This is going to be a great stage".
    • The footage where All friends singing At the Show.
    • Steve meeting all the notes.
    • Steve meeting G-Clef.
    • Blue following the bedroom to Tickety wake up Steve.
    • Mailbox Says "Steve, the neighbors are coming!" and Steve asks "What? The neighbors already?".
    • The footage where After Mr. Salt asks "Will you go with Blue, wake up, Steve!" Mr. Salt says "Excellent!"
    • The footage where Sidetable singing Sidetable's Lament.
    • The footage where Steve says "Now it's time for so long, but will sing one more song".
    • The footage where Steve asks "Do you see breakfast on our list?".
    • The footage where Periwinkle says "Ta-da!", and all of his friends gasp and says "It's Sidetable!".
    • The footage where Sidetable singing Sidetable's Lament.
    • The footage where Shovel and Pail decorated the lights with Blue Bird and Red Birds singing.
    • The footage where Lion (Safari), Monkey (Safari), Chalk Girl, Herons, Elephant (Safari), Orange Kitten, Baby Bear, Felix, Gingerbread Boy, Woodpecker, Bowl, Spatula, Purple Kangaroo, Skinny Pig & Freddy applause cheering.
  • The footage where Steve says, "I can't find it, do you see it?" in this episode would later be reused in 100th Episode Celebration.
  • The footage where Steve sings "At the Show" in this episode would later be reused in 100th Episode Celebration.
  • The footage where Sidetable singing Sidetable's Lament in this episode would later be reused in 100th Episode Celebration.
  • Although this episode was produced in Season 3, it was originally released direct-to-video on October 3, 2000, and then it aired on TV 2 years later on January 13, 2002, when Season 4 episodes were airing, it's unknown why this has never aired on TV until January 2002.
  • Mysteriously, Steve left his notebook in the house, even though he always has it with him.
  • Blue was nowhere to be seen in the page of music, until "There it Is" starts playing.
  • When Steve and Blue skidooed back to their backyard, the page of music was colorful, even though it wasn't before they skidooed into it.
  • This is the only Blue's Clues movie in the original series.
  • This has never aired on TV until 2002.
  • The notebook bell sound was heard three times:
    • When Steve got his notebook from Sidetable.
    • When Steve took out his notebook to draw the third clue, a drawer.
    • When Steve took out his notebook for the clue review.
  • The bell sound wasn't heard when Steve realized he already had his notebook with him, and after he left his notebook in the house when finding the second clue.
  • This episode has the longest Race to the Thinking Chair segment; therefore, the skidoo music was heard when Steve runs inside to the Thinking Chair after finding the third clue.
  • This is the last true episode in terms of airing order and in general that Steve gives out the wrong answer.
  • This is the only Blue's Clues VHS not to have the Face segment in the beginning.
  • Blue and Tickety counting to three and saying "Wake up, Steve!" to wake Steve up is very similar to a running gag from The Wiggles where the red, blue, and yellow Wiggles count to three and say "Wake up, (purple Wiggle's name)!" to wake the Purple Wiggle up.
  • Steve sings "We Are Looking for Blue's Clues" to the tune of "We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues" from "Blue Wants to Play a Song Game" in the Caribbean style from before.
  • In this special, Periwinkle is the director, who is in charge of the "You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be" Show.
  • Periwinkle's Disappearo uses the voice clips from this special.


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