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"Blue's Big Dance Party" is the eighth episode of the second season and the twenty-eighth episode overall in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a new version of "Let's Boogie."


Search for clues to figure out what Blue's favorite dance is.



  • Question: What is Blue's favorite dance?
  • Clues:
    1. A Feather
    2. Footprints
    3. The Sound "Bok Bok Bok"
  • Wrong Answer: Tickle the footprints with a feather and make it go "bok-bok-bok"
  • Answer: Chicken
  • Skidoo Location: Banjo Bunnies' Music Video
  • Living room picture: A picture of a bear ballerina


Watch Episode

The full episode is available on the NickJrPlay YouTube channel. Watching the video requires payment or a subscription.


  • This is the first episode to air in 2021.
    • It aired on New Year's Day 2021.
  • This episode is the second season 2 reboot episode to be about music.
    • The season's first episode was "Blue's Big Beat Band."
      • Also, this is the second time to feature the Banjo Bunny Band after that episode as well.
  • This is the second time to have a Shaker/Spice from The Spice Family without any of their parents of Mr. Salt or Mrs. Pepper (in this case, Paprika and Cinnamon appeared in this episode), the first was Hide and Seek with Blue (where, in this case, only Cinnamon appears in that episode).
  • This is the second time where Josh drew a sound. The first being Spooky Costume Party with Blue.
  • This also marks the ninth episode where a sound was drawn. The others being What is Blue Afraid Of?, Blue’s Senses, What’s That Sound?, Blue’s Big Costume Party, Adventure, Joe’s First Day, Steve Goes to College, I Did That, and Spooky Costume Party with Blue.
  • This is the fourth episode in the franchise in which a bird is the answer to Blue's Clues, with the first episode being "What Is Blue Afraid Of?" (with the answer being an owl), the second being Animal Behavior (with the answer being a penguin) and the third being "Joe's First Day" (with the answer being a duck). Coincidentally, the clues are similar in all three episodes.
    • The feather and the sound the bird makes are clues in all episodes. However, the remaining clue is different in all three episodes. "What Is Blue Afraid Of?" has the bird's shadow, "Joe's First Day" has the bird's feet and this episode has the bird's footprints as the remaining clue respectively.
      • The shape of the animal was also a clue in "Prehistoric Blue," in which the answer was a chameleon.
      • Feet (but in another form) were also a clue in Story Wall (feet attached to a carrot).
      • Footprints (but in other forms) were also a clue in Blue's Big Mystery (a cat's footprints), Blue's Big Costume Party/Spooky Costume Party with Blue (little prints), and Shy (a human footprint).
      • This is the first episode in which the feather as a clue is sentient, it tickles Josh twice when he is about to say "feather."
      • Different clue sounds were heard in various episodes.
  • Misty Copeland, a famous ballerina in the New York City Ballet, makes an appearance in the email.
    • This is the fourth time that an adult appears in a video letter and the third time that only an adult appears in it.
  • A few of the dances done in this episode have appeared in May 2020 on the Blue's Clues & You! YouTube channel, more than seven months before this episode's release.
    • The Magenta Cha-Cha, first seen in the "Blue's Dances Moves: Magenta Cha-Cha" video, might be a reference to the popular August 2000 song and dance "Cha Cha Slide" by DJ Casper. It is reusing a few moves from the original.
    • The Chicken, Blue's favorite dance, is first seen in the "Blue's Dance Moves: Learn the Chicken Polka" video. The music and moves are the same, but it is simply called The Chicken in this episode.
      • On top of that, Josh mentions that it is Blue's favorite dance at the end of the video, foreshadowing this episode.
  • Once again, Sidetable Drawer wears her star glasses from "Song Time with Blue" and "Blue's Big Beat Band" in this episode.
  • Slippery Soap was the DJ of this episode.
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