Blue's Clues Wiki

You can use up to ten names in the Sign-In screen!

1. Before you can start creating art with Blue, you need to sign in: To change the color of the letters on the sign-in screen, click on a paint drop.

2. Use the keyboard or click on the letters to sign in your name. To erase one letter at a time, press the backspace key on your keyboard or click the left-facing arrow on the screen.

To add a space, press the spacebar on your keyboard or click the right-facing arrow on the screen. To erase a name, click on the name, and then click on the trash can.

3. After you enter your name, click on play button to begin.

Signing-in Again If you reach the maximum sign-in allowance of ten names, you will receive an error message asking you to delete a name before creating a new one.

If you’ve played Blue’s Art Time Activities before: If you’ve played before but you don’t see your name: Click the arrows on the left until your name appears.

If you want to begin a brand new adventure: Sign in using a different name such as a nickname!

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