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Blue's 123 Time Activities is a PC game released on May 11, 1999, by Humongous Entertainment alongside Blue's ABC Time Activities.




  • Felt Frame picture: Fifi with her felt parade (Skidoo location)
  • Skidoo Location: A picture of can



  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Boat
  • Doll
  • Truck
  • Clock
  • Kite
  • Puppet Show
  • Train
  • Toy Robot


Practice pre-math and problem-solving skills in this activity pack filled with multi-level learning games. Develop logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, recognize and complete patterns, practice simple mathmatical operations, and explore estimation and prediction. Preschoolers strengthen early math skills as they help Blue win Big Prizes at the Prize Tent.

Blue and her friends help strengthen early math skills, including counting and number recognition, simple addition and subtraction operations, shape and pattern recognition, sorting and classifying attributes, prediction and estimation, weights and measurements, sets and subsets, counting and spending money, and number line exploration and navigation.

Other Plot[]

Do you want to go to the Backyard Fair with Blue? You can help Blue earn Blue dollars by playing each activity at the Backyard Fair. Explore the world of numbers and basic addition and subtraction and help Blue buy Big Prizes at the Backyard Fair Prize Tent. Recognize and complete patterns, practice simple mathematical operations, explore estimation and prediction and much more!


  • In the Felt Frame scene, the music credits from "What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?" is heard.
  • Unlike Blue's Birthday Adventure, this one actually has a hidden difficulty adjuster that can be accessed by adding SputmDebug=95710 to the INI configuration, pressing Ctrl+G then typing in 13 (otherwise in ScummVM, type in room 13 to the debugger) will access an odd-looking menu that allows the difficulty for one of the activities to be easier or harder. The "O"s indicate the current difficulty level for that game, while clicking an "X" will adjust the difficulty. Blank spaces and "N/A"s cannot be clicked.
  • Another mystery is the IAmMaryanne=1 INI setting which yet has to be seen.
  • When Blue runs out of cards, Baby Bear claps her hands and gives Blue three blue dollars.
  • When Blue reaches the finish before one of her opponents does, Pail gives Blue three blue dollars.
  • In Mother, May I?, Blue gets two chances to figure out which number she'll end up on.
  • In Mother, May I?, Blue's opponents are Shovel, Slippery, Tickety Tock, Magenta, and Chick.


List of Activities[]

  • Shovel and Pail's Mother May I Game
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's Snack Stand
  • Tink's Train Ride
  • Baby Bear's Card Game
  • Bell's Souvenir Stand
  • Fifi's Pattern Parade
  • Cash Register's Prize Tent
  • Sign-in Chalkboard

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