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Billy Chicken is a chicken who is also the mayor of Silly Town. He showed Steve (and later Josh) around the place and its mixed-up people and places, including a construction site and its wacky workers, the center of town where the vehicles make strange sounds, and Backwards Park (where everyone and everything moves backwards).


Billy Chicken is the mayor of Silly Town, where everything is silly. He travels in a giant egg when not walking forwards (or backward).



He is featured in "What's So Funny?" and makes cameo appearances in "Blue's Big Musical", "Magenta Gets Glasses", "What's New, Blue?", "100th Episode Celebration", and "Dress Up Day". He returns in "Laugh with Blue" in Blue's Clues & You!, and also appeared in "Magenta's Case of the Giggles" and "Blue and Little Rainbow Riding Hood".


  • After Sock Puppet told his joke about "why did the sock cross the road" in the Season 5 episode 100th Episode Celebration, Billy Chicken popped up from behind Steve's left shoulder.
  • In Blue's Clues & You!, he is voiced by Cory Doran.