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Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue is a documentary episode of Blue's Clues. It is also the 10th episode of Season 6.


  • This episode, unlike most episodes, is a documentary.
  • Jeopardy makes a cameo in this documentry
  • Though considered the original series' epilogue, one episode aired after the special, Meet Blue's Baby Brother.
  • Originally announced to premiere on July 20, 2006, but it was delayed for one week.
  • It is revealed that a working title for the show was Blue Prints and even that only came along after it was decided that Blue should be a female dog instead of a male cat and Steve was young. Clips of the pilot can be seen.
  • The show was originally going to have a female host but Steve landed the audition. His appearance which is similar to that of a skate rat seemed non-family friendly so they called him to ask if he can change his look.
  • Mr. Salt, voiced by one of the composers Nick Balaban, was originally given a Brooklyn accent instead of being French.
  • Blue was originally going to be called Mr. Orange before deciding to be a blue cat, later a blue dog.
  • The real reason for Steve's departure was because he didn't want to make a career on children's television and that he didn't want to lose his hair for a kids' television show since the network wants him to have the same look in the show.
  • Donovan Patton landed the audition at the age of 24 but he had no idea what Blue's Clues was, thinking it was about the blues and picturing Blue with a soul patch and a saxophone.
  • Clips from the UK version (Kevin) of Blue's Clues and the Korean (HyunShup Shin) version can be found.
  • Because they ran out of money, the staff provided several voices for the animated casts. Co-creator Traci Paige Johnson played Blue because out of her staff, she can bark more like a dog. Music composers Nick Balaban and Michael Rubin later became Mr. Salt and Mailbox.
  • All of the animation sequences were done on a blue screen.
  • Celebrity Gilbert Gottfried made an appearance in an audition for the show complaining about the techniques for the blue screen.
  • This episode uses the new Nick Jr Productions logo from 2005 with a copyright notice.
  • Clips of Steve and Joe can be seen during Steve's Mailtime rap.




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