• This episode shares the same name with a song from Goodnight Blue that also appeared in a music video from the 2000 VHS release of "Magenta Comes Over".
    • A slightly different version of the song was part of this episode's video letter.
      • A kid throws a toothbrush out of the letter at the end. Joe picks up the toothbrush which had a clue (the third one) on it.
        • This was the second time an item came out from the video letter (the 1st was a popsicle stick [the second clue] from "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!" and the third would be a stamp from "Our Neighborhood Festival"), the 2nd time a clue came from there (a clue [the second; a stage] would be found in a video letter again in "Joe's Clues"), and the only time the 3rd clue was found this way.
  • Joe wears his pajamas for this episode in the mailtime segment. Blue wears her pajamas for the mailtime segment too.
  • This is Joe's version of "Blue's Big Pajama Party".
    • Therefore, in both episodes, both the first and third clues are found in the living room.
  • This is the second time that this episode holds the record for the shortest time that two clues were found in a fast time between each other. The third clue was found after the Mailtime.
  • This episode shares the name with a music video featured in segment after discussing the first two clues. The first time that happened was in "Joe Gets a Clue".
  • Joe sings the Blue's Clues Theme Song, the Mailtime Song and the So Long Song in his whisper voice from Blue's Big Pajama Party replaced by his normal voice.
  • Second time Sidetable's face appears during the So Long Song since "Blue's Book Nook".
  • Joe sang a quiet and yawning So Long Song at the end of this episode and Blue did not join in or show up at the window to wave goodbye to the viewer because she was sleeping in her bed.
  • Joe wears a blue squared shirt for most of this episode, but changes into blue pajamas with multicolored squares for the rest of this episode.
  • Anthony Colangelo (one of Joe's friends) voices Slippery's singing while Patrick Van Wagenen voices him speaking.


  • Joe is given a special pillow notebook for this episode, but when he draws the clues, he is seen using his regular notebook.
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