Bedtime Business


Season 5, Episode 11
105 (Aired)
107 (In Production Order)
September 16, 2002
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1. A Mirror
2. A Sink
3. A Toothbrush
Right Answer
Brush Her Teeth

Bedtime Business is the eleventh episode of Blue's Clues from season 5.

Characters Present


We have come to the Blue's Clues house at night and so we help Joe and Blue with their bedtime routine, their bedtime business. We watch as Joe tucks in Boris and then learn about important pre-sleepytime activities. The characters have a small clothing crisis, but with our help in identifying clothing through features such as spots and stripes, the problem is solved. We also help out with washing up, reading a story and more.


The Viewers have came to see Joe and Blue so it is dark outside and Joe walks the viewers into the bedroom to put Boris to bed then Joe asks what is your favorite part of bedtime and Joe plays blues Clues Joe and blue teach the viewers bedtime routines so they go to the bathroom to give blue a bubble bath with slippery soap.

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