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Balloon Fairy

Balloon Fairy is a balloon that only appeared in Skidoo Adventure.

Voice Actor[]

She is voiced by Alexandra Stevens.


  • "Hello!"
  • "I'm Balloon Fairy!"
  • "Well, I Know How You Can Find It!"
  • "Yep!, To Find Your Picture of Home, You Need to Go On..., An Adventure!"
  • "Great!, Here!, Take This Wand!, Use It to Collect The 4 Magic Letters of The Alphabet Hidden Through Out This World!
  • "Now On With The Adventure!"
  • "To Open That Gate, Repeat These Magic Words After Me!, Hoopity, Woopity, Wappity, Wap!, Giant Gate, Open Up!"
  • "Off You Go On Your Adventure!, Good Luck!"
  • "You Found Home!"
  • "Bye!"