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Baby Bear is an anthropomorphic bear cub and a friend of Blue. She lives with her parents, Mama Bear and Papa Bear, in a storybook. They are from the classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Baby Bear is one of the many storybook characters that Blue, Steve, and Joe have visited by skidooing. However, Baby Bear has remained friends with Blue rather than only appearing once. She also has a younger brother named Baby Baby Bear.


Baby Bear is light brown with a large black nose and a pink mouth.


Baby Bear appears in 18 episodes of the original Blue's Clues series. She has 7 speaking roles and 11 cameos in the background without any lines.

Baby Bear also appeared in two episodes of Blue's Clues & You!.


  • There are some episodes where she appeared in the living room picture frame.
  • Tickety Tock played the role of Baby Bear in "What Story Does Blue Want to Play?".
  • Even though she, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear did not appear in "The Fairy Tale Ball", their house and chairs (which all look different in this episode) do. Joe tries using their chairs to substitute for the Thinking Chair (which was back at the house); Papa Bear's felt a little hard, Mama Bear's felt a little soft, but Baby Bear's felt just right, so Joe used it for a thinking chair.


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