Jungle Animals

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Baboon (also known as the rare "Red-nosed Baboon") is a rare jungle animal. Steve and Blue went on safari looking for him until they actually did, so they helped him find his friend, who looks just like him.


Baboon has light brown fur on his body and head, tan fur on his arms, legs, and eyelids, a pair of white eyes with black pupils, a red rump, face, and nose, white paws, and a long brown tail, lower jaw, and unibrow. His friend looks exactly like him. There are 2 other baboon variants alongside Baboon's friend: one with with a red nose, white paws, and a short brown tail; and one with a red nose, brown paws, and a long brown tail.


The only episode Baboon appeared in was "Pretend Time". He (or his friend since his paws were covering his ears) also appeared in Blue's ABC Time Activities as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter B). The scene where the 3 other baboons (including Baboon's friend) landed on the branch was also shown in "100th Episode Celebration" when Steve and Joe recalled the places that they previously went to (this was the 1st: the jungle).


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