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The babies are young animals at the baby hospital. The babies include alligators with a picture frame that has a sailboat on it, ducklings with a farm picture frame, and spice shakers. with a picture frame having fruits on a table. Cinnamon was born in the baby spice shakers' room where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are.


The alligators each have two black eyes and four legs. Some alligator babies have pink tongues while some have blue tongues. The alligators come in three colors: gray, green, and red. They also wear pink bonnets.

The ducklings each have many feathers and two wings. Each also has two feet. Some ducklings have large beaks while some have small beaks. The chicks come in three colors: brown, orange, and yellow. The brown and yellow ones have orange beaks while the orange ones have yellow beaks.

The spice shakers each have small caps and two arms. No spice shaker has legs. The shakers come in three colors: red, brown, green, white, and lime. The tall brown one has a red cap, the green one, the red one, and the short brown one have white caps, the white one has a blue cap, and the lime one has a yellow cap.


The babies have only appeared in one episode of Blue's Clues: The Baby's Here!, alongside the Baby Doctor.