As Pistas da Blue is the Portugal version of Blue's Clues.


Please refer to the Blue's Clues characters list page. Keep in mind though, Durate is the show's host, and Steve/Joe are not present.


The plot is usually the same each episode; the audience (and Durate, the show's host) have to play As Pistas da Blue to figure out a certain amount of problems.

Episodes aired

The main article is List of As Pistas da Blue Episodes


Blue Wants to Play a Game

Blue's News

Magenta Comes Over

What Does Blue Want to Make?

The Trying Game

Blue Wants to Play a Song Game

What Does Blue Want to Build?

What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?

What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?

What Was Blue's Dream About?


Blue's Birthday

What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?

What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?

The Lost Episode!

Blue's Sad Day

Blue Is Frustrated

Blue's Surprise at 2:00

What's That Sound?

Animal Behavior!


Hide and Seek


Pool Party

Draw Along with Blue



What's So Funny?

Blue's Big Costume Party

Blue's Big Pajama Party

Blue's Big Mystery

Blue's Play

Prehistoric Blue

Periwinkle Misses His Friend


Blue's Collection

The Wrong Shirt

Café Blue

Imagine Nation




What's New, Blue?

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day

The Baby's Here!

Making Changes


  • This version of Blue's Clues was aired sometime in 2004, the same year Blue's Clues ended in America.
    • Additionally, 2004 was also the same year the Japanese dub of Blue's Clues started airing on the recently closed Nickelodeon Japan.
  • Instead of Steve Burns or Donavan Patton, the host here is Durate Gomes.
  • This is one of three times where Blue's Clues was aired with a different host, the other two being the U.K version and the Korean version.
  • Sometimes during the theme song (the original version), during the line "You know what to do!", Blue's head can be seen with no body. 


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