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Arts and Crafts is a Blue's Clues VHS tape featuring two episodes from the first season.

Episodes Featured


  1. The Rugrats Movie Teaser Trailer
  2. Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS Trailer
  3. Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Song)
  4. Blue's Clues VHS Trailer (Arts and Crafts and Story Time)
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  6. Paramount Home Video Logo
  7. Nick Jr. ID Bumper - Frogs
  8. Face Plays with Blue
  9. "Adventures in Art"
  10. Face Gets His Face Painted
  11. "What Does Blue Want to Make?"
  12. Face Tells Fruit Jokes
  13. Blue's Clues Credits ("What Story Does Blue Want to Play?") (saxophone, featuring background vocals by Todd Kessler, Thad Mumford, and Justin Burke)
  14. Nick Jr. Bears Logo
  15. Nickelodeon 3D Bone Logo
  16. Paramount Home Video Logo

Face Promos

  1. Face Plays with Blue
  2. Face Gets His Face Painted
  3. Face Tells Fruit Jokes



  • This and Story Time were both produced by Nick Jr. and Paramount Pictures on June 9, 1998. But even so, Arts and Crafts is considered to be the very first official Blue's Clues home video ever (Story Time is often considered to be the second).
  • These episodes from this VHS release were also included as a bonus on the DVD releases of Shapes and Colors! and Story Time, and as regulars on Classic Clues and the DVD release of this video.
  • The credit sequence's music for Story Time, as used from "What Story Does Blue Want to Play?", was reused for the credit sequence of this video.
  • The promo where Face tells fruit jokes was originally used to announce that Nick Jr. was over for the day (the only difference for the original was that when Face said "I have to make like a banana and split, ...", he added "...but I'll see you again tomorrow on Nick Jr.!").
    • This segment was previously seen on the 1998 VHS of Little Bear: "Parties & Picnics" and would later be seen on the 2001 VHS Dora the Explorer: Swing into Action.
  • The Nick Jr. VHS Song trailer promoting home videos for Gullah Gullah Island, Little Bear (also known as Maurice Sendak's Little Bear), and Allegra's Window was an edited version of a 1997 song promo that also featured scenes from The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Blue's Clues, and Rupert.
Nick Jr

Nick Jr. Promo- Toot Toot Song 1 (1997)

The original version of the song promo

Nick Jr

Nick Jr. Promo- Toot Toot Song 2 (1998)

An alternate version of the song promo

  • This VHS has 3 Nick Jr. Face segments, one after the Nick Jr. Frogs ID, one in between episodes 1 and 2 and one after episode 2 and before the credits.
  • This VHS contains 2 episodes from the first season, one involving Art and the other involving Making Things.
  • The closing logos for this VHS were the Nick Jr. Bears logo, Nickelodeon 3D Bone logo and Paramount logo.


  • 62


  • June 9, 1998


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