"Another Blue's Clues Day" is a song featured before episodes of Blue's Clues from seasons 5 and 6.

Characters Singing


Joe: Come on in!

(Season 5 & Playdates in season 6) Blue: Bow bow bow! (Come on in!)

Joe: What did you say?

Viewer: A clue, a clue!

Joe: You see a clue?

Viewer: We see a clue!

Joe: Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Do you want to play...

All: Blue's Clues?

Joe: So count to three!

Pail, Periwinkle and Shovel: One, two, three!

Joe: And clap your hands!

Tickety, Slippery and Magenta: Clap your hands!

Joe: Learn something new!

All: Something new! Join our Blue's Clues band today!

Mailbox: Right this way!

All: It's another Blue's Clues day!

Mr Salt: (name of episode)

All: It's another Blue's Clues day!

Blue: Bow, bow! (Blue's Clues!)


  • Paprika and Cinnamon appear during the song, but they do not sing.
  • In addition to the Blue's Clues book, the other books on the central bookshelf are (clockwise starting from the Blue's Clues book):
  • Starting in Season 6, it took place in Blue's Room with Blue in her puppet form. Because of Blue in her puppet form, she does not bark "Bow Bow Bow!" after Joe says, "Come on in!". However, it appears by accident in the season 6 episode Playdates. After Blue grabs the book, Moona comes in and changes Blue to her animated form, and then she jumps in the book and the rest of the intro plays as normal.
  • This theme is only used during the seasons with Joe as the host.
  • Steve never sings this song with everyone because he's at college and is absent for almost the whole series but still appears more a couple times.
  • Blue opens the book in the beginning, but she's still in it when it closes. It's also not on the shelf when it closes, it is still on the ground. It is unknown who puts the book back on the shelf or how Blue gets out of the book for the next theme song every time.
  • A few notes from the beginning of the song can be heard at Joe's introduction on Josh's phone in the Blue's Clues & You! premiere episode "Meet Josh!".
  • This is the first opening sequence with lyrics, as the original opening sequence was instrumental with Steve (and Joe in the last two episodes of Season 4) talking over it.
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