Animal Behavior! is the fifth episode of Blue's Clues from Season 3.

Characters Present


  • Question: What animal does Blue want to learn about?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Black and white
    • 2. Ice
    • 3. A Waddling Motion
  • Answer: A Penguin
  • Living room picture: A bird
  • Skidoo location: PC Computer Game


Steve and Blue check out what their favorite animals do.


In this episode, we learn all about different animals with the help of a book Blue has that we can use to look them up. As we learn, we also try imitating the behavior of a number of animals for fun. We help Shovel and Pail to find out why beavers pick up sticks and why birds tweet. In the Skidoo segment, we meet Lady Godiva, who uses a submarine to take us under the sea, where we find three fish with a very interesting form of animal behavior called camouflage and learn why they use it. Steve then found a waddling with a clue on it, so he had to stay in a PC computer submarine for a few minutes to draw the clue.

Video Release

  • Blue's Clues: Blue's Safari (2000 VHS)
  • Blue's Clues: Big, Blue and Just for You! Volume 4 (2000 VHS)
  • Nickelodeon: Animal Friends! (DVD, 2009)


  • This episode introduces Steve's interest in anteaters, which will be continued in future episodes Hide and Seek and Shy.
  • The Lady Gooddiver character in the Blue Skidoo segment in this episode is a parody on Lady Godiva.
  • The bird in the living room picture is a great tit.
  • This is Amy Starr's last episode as the voiceover producer.
    • This was also the last episode in which Chris Boyce, one of the animators, was involved with until Season Six.
  • This episode can be seen in Nickelodeon Animal Friends DVD.
  • This is also the first time since Season 2's The Lost Episode! to use Mailbox's older design.
  • The bedroom picture shows Steve pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and Blue pretending to be one of the three little pigs from What Story Does Blue Want to Play?.
  • This episode is the first of two episodes on the VHS release of Blue's Safari.
  • When Steve draws the 1st clue (black and white), he pulls out a black crayon with a black wrapper, but his normal crayon, which has a green wrapper, also draws in black.
    • This clue would return in "The Alphabet Train" as separate clues. The color white was the first clue and the color black was the second clue.
  • The episode was renamed to Animal Behaviour for the Kevin version.
  • Steve clucked the Mail Time Song like the chicken instead of singing the lyrics.
    • After that, he communicated with Mailbox (who was pretending to be a monkey) this way before getting the letter. He does however goes back to his usual talking after he states he was just chicken.
  • This is the second time in Season 3 that Blue appears four times during the closing credits.
  • When Steve was "elephant-stepping for Blue's Clues", he passes by the Felt Board (which has the felt elephant from Blue's News) on it, a bowl of peanuts on a table, and the fridge (which has a picture of a tree frog on it, held by magnets).
  • Though this episode was made/aired in 1999, credits claim that this episode was made/aired in 1996.
  • When Steve first skidoos into the picture of a pier, you can see outlines around his face used to make him stand out more.
  • Joseph Brancale, who appeared in the video letter previously appeared on the two Sesame Street videos, "Elmo Says BOO!" and "The Alphabet Jungle Game."
  • This is the fourth time Steve wore his tan shoes.


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Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Credits in this Episode

  • Created by: Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero
  • Written by: Adam Peltzman
  • Directed by: Alan Zdinak
  • Starring: Steven Burns
  • Executive Producer: Todd Kessler
  • Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer: Angela C. Santomero
  • Co-Executive Producer and Design Director: Traci Paige Johnson
  • Supervising Producer: Jennifer Twomey-Perello
  • Director, Research & Development: Alice Wilder
  • Producer: Wendy Harris
  • Consulting Producer/Junior Writer: Thad Mumford
  • Story Editor: Norman Stiles
  • Scripting and Development Manager: Michael T. Smith
  • Scripting and Development Coordinator: Adam Peltzman
  • Research and Development Manager: Allison Gilman Caplovitz
  • Research and Development Analyst: Alison Sherman
  • Associate Producer: Tim Carter
  • Production Manager: Marcy Pritchard
  • Production Supervisor: Frieda Lipp
  • Production Coordinator: Suzanne Molinaro
  • Episode Coordinator: Koyalee Chanda
  • Episode Production Coordinator: Samantha Ettus
  • Production Designer: Victor DiNapoli
  • Art Director: Christian Hali
  • Assistant Art Director: Ian Chernichaw
  • Prop Maker: Lisa Davis
  • Model Maker: Jennifer Palmer
  • Pen and Ink Design: Olexa O. Hewryk
  • Research Illustrator: Christopher Lawrence Yee
  • Design and Animation Manager: Soo Kyung Kim
  • Coordinating Digital Designer: Jim Lucio
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  • Technical Director/Senior Editor: L. Mark Sorre
  • Editor/Post Manager: "Duke" David Burger
  • Technical Manager: Boris Beaubien
  • Unit Manager: Eleanor McIntosh
  • Video Letter Directed by: Sarah Chumsky
  • Voice Overs Produced by: Amy Starr and Allison Gilman Caplovitz for That's a Rap, Inc.
  • Director of Photography: Skip Roessel
  • Lighting Designers: Dick Weiss and Tony DiGirolamo
  • Gaffer: Carter Prue
  • Assistant Director: Jeremy Slutskin
  • Key Grip: John Theissedisen
  • Sound Mixer: Irin Strauss
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland and Roy Carch
  • Grip: Pat Heffernan
  • Video Engineer: Tim Cereste
  • Make-Up: Lisa Barnabay
  • Hair Stylist: Karen Spector
  • Costume Designer: Christopher Dellen Cockor
  • Wardrobe: Grisha Mynova
  • Music and Talent Coordinator: Kate McBane
  • Assistant Production Office Coordinator: Jesica Dowshen
  • Set PA: Eli Litt
  • Production Assistant: Brian Twomey
  • Assistants to the Producers: Rebecca Goldstein, Elyse Jerry, Sarah Landy, Christiane Sabo
  • Character Voices: Blue - Traci Paige Johnson, Sidetable Drawer - LaNae Allen, Mr. Salt - Nick Balaban, Paprika - Jenna Marie Castle, Pail - Marshall Claffy, Mrs. Pepper - Spencer Kayden, Mailbox - Seth O'Hickory, Shovel - Stephen Schmidt
  • Steve's Friends: Joseph Brancale, Eric Bowser, Jacquelyn Dubicki, Paul Perez, Chelsea Rodriguez
  • Music & Sound Design: Nick Balaban and Michael Rubin (Produced at Murmur Music, Inc.)
  • SFX Editor, Music & Post Mixer: Peter Robbins
  • Content Consultants: Lisa Breslof, Rae Mei Pica
  • Senior V.P. of Operations and Planning, Nickelodeon: Alison Dexter
  • Senior Director of Production Services, Nickelodeon: Chris Linn
  • Co-Producer: Steven Burns
  • Senior Vice-President, Nick Jr.: Brown Johnson
  • Vice-President of Production, Nick Jr.: Janice Burgess
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