Angela C. Santomero

Angela Santomero is one of the creators of Blue's Clues from Season One to Season Three, she was the head writer. Beginning with Season Three, she starting being the executive producer. She has gone on to create the highly successful preschool literacy series Super Why and the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood spinoff Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Before Blue's Clues, she first started working on Nickelodeon in 1993 as a researcher and content manager for the first two seasons of Gullah Gullah Island and Allegra's Window, both shows that were filmed at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Episodes Santomero Wrote

Season 1

Snack Time
What Time is it for Blue? (with P. Kevin Strader)
Mailbox's Birthday (with Mark Saltzman and Norman Stiles)
Blue's Story Time (also a performance director and the voice of Mama Bear)
Blue's Favorite Song (with Norman Stiles)
Adventures in Art (with John Morning)
Blue Goes to the Beach (with Norman Stiles, also was the co-director)
Pretend Time (with John Morning and Norman Stiles)
A Snowy Day (with Mark Saltzman)
The Trying Game (with John Morning)
Blue Wants to Play a Game
The Grow Show
Blue Wants to Play a Song Game (with Michael Smith)
What Does Blue Want to Make?
What is Blue Afraid Of?
Blue's News

Season 2

Steve Gets the Sniffles (with Thad Mumford)
What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try?
What Does Blue Want To Make Out of Recycled Things?
Blue's ABCs
Blue's Birthday
What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? (with Norman Stiles)
Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock
Blue's Sad Day (with Thad Mumford)
What Game Does Blue Want to Learn? (with Jennifer Brackenbruy and Mark Saltzman)

Season 3

Blue's Big Treasure Hunt

Season 5

Bedtime Business (with Norman Stiles)