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  • This is Mouth's first appearance without a speaking role. He later spoke in I Did That as the first talking clue and Body Language as Scrunched Up Mouth since her reappearance never had eyes.
  • In the Portugal version of Blue's Clues (Pistas da Blue), Blue's barking to the Mailtime song from Snack Time was used.
  • This is eighth and last episode where viewers say "Notebook!" from "Mailbox's Birthday" was not used.
  • In Pistas da Blue version of this episode. During the scene where Duarte helps Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and Paprika with muscles and finding the third clue. His hair from late Season 3 is used.
  • When Steve dances the pawprint away, the music from the song Our Dream from What Was Blue's Dream About? was used.
  • During the credits, the viewer can hear a woman from the first clue singing.
    • Cursor can also be seen near both the beginning and end of the credits, clicking at Steve's name and "SFX", "Music" and "Post Mixer".
  • Although not acknowledged fully, this is the first time the Internet is used to learn about something.
  • This episode was seen in the Yes, Dear episode: "Arm-prins". This leads to Greg Warner dreaming being on the Blue's Clues show himself. That same episode even had Steve guest star at the very end. Strangely, it is shown being played on a VHS, despite the episode never being released on one.
  • After the fade out of the book following the credits, the Nick Jr. Productions Logo started when Nick and Jr were jumping, cutting out the first second of it.
  • During the theme song, Steve is wearing his tan shoes.
  • In the UK version, when Kevin asks Postbox why he is blinking his voice, tone makes him look and sound like he is angry.
  • During Mailtime in the Portuguese version, when Duarte goes "Geemo!!!", you cannot see Blue.