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Ana Lea is a confident, positive, and highly intelligent child who immediately captures the attention of all who meet her. Often said to have an "old soul," Ana has shown an aptitude for performing since she was an infant. Ana began speaking in sentences at just a year old, reading at age two, memorizing full (adult) songs by 2.5, and at age three was a fluent reader. She has what seems to be a photographic memory and takes direction with ease. Ana loves to play dramatic and fun roles that allow her to share her infectious personality as well as portray deep emotions and an understanding of human interactions far beyond her years.

Ana is also an established social media influencer known as AMC Princess Ana on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. With regularly posted content, Ana and her Mom (known as Nana) and Dad (Aaron) use their family vlog platform to raise awareness for Ana's rare condition, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). In early 2020 Ana went viral with a Facebook video featuring her opening a tube of croissants on her own, despite her hand differences/difficulties, and a TikTok duet with Tabitha Brown. Ana and her Mom were then guests on Tabitha Brown's social media, where Tabitha met and interviewed Ana.

Later in 2020 Ana and her Mom were featured in an online video created by USA Today/Humankind, showcasing Ana's progress with a major leg surgery she had in late 2018, which allowed her the ability to walk independently at 3 years old. That year they also announced the launch of their non-profit, Helping AMC Families Incorporated. They work hard to not only raise awareness for Arthrogryposis but also raise funds to help other AMCers and AMC families with their medical and medical travel expenses.

In 2021, Ana was named one of the top kid influencers of 2021 by GRIN and featured in an article about kidfluencers on She has interviewed numerous authors for A Kids Co, including music artist Taboo and most recently had her television debut on Blue's Clues and You in 2022.

On any given day Ana can be found at home with Mommy and Daddy playing and making up fantasy stories with her stuffed animals, reading her books, homeschooling and learning cool science facts, playing brain games, cooking in her play kitchen, watching Masterclass classes, creating content for her social media, or just snuggling with her parents.