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Aleisha Allen (born April 28, 1991) provided the voice of Sidetable Drawer for the entire original series.


  • At the age of 5, when she was in Kindergarten, she got the voice role of Sidetable Drawer and no other voice actress took her place for the 6 seasons that she has done.
  • Aleisha Allen also goes by LaNae Allen.
  • In 2003, she played Alicia "Brace Face" in School of Rock; and in 2005, she played "Lindsey" in Are We There Yet? starring Ice Cube and also in its 2007 sequel, Are We Done Yet?.
  • She starred in the video "Elmo's Magic Cookbook" for Sesame Street.
  • During the first season, most of time, Aleisha was uncredited, mostly because because of the same archival recording of her voice of Sidetable Drawer.
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