• This is the first episode to air in 2003.
  • This was not the only episode on Nick Jr. to air for the first time, as Max and Ruby had their first episode shown earlier in the block.
  • When the viewers help Joe to hang up his orange shirt that was on the bed, there are three yellow shirts in the closet, and four orange ones after they hang up the one that was on the bed. Joe is wearing the other yellow shirt, but there are also only three green shirts in the closet. Either Joe only has three green shirts, or the other green shirt is still out somewhere. Possibly in the laundry.
  • Streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and iTunes, list this episode as "Surprise Guest". The word "A" is simply left out
  • This is the third time Joe wears his yellow squared shirt. The other two were Colors Everywhere! and A Brand New Game.
  • When Joe was heading back to the living room, Steve's green baseball cap (that he took to college) can be seen on the hat stand. This episode could’ve taken place before Steve went to college. Or Steve Must've Bought another Hat
  • This is the third episode where all three clues are found in the living room. The first two are What Story Does Blue Want to Play? and Blue's Play.
  • This is the third time Blue's School was a skidoo segment.
  • This is the first time Blue makes her last clue long.
  • Joe wears a yellow squared shirt in this episode.
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