"ABC's with Blue" is the fourth episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Blue's ABCs".


  • Question: What book does Blue want to read?
  • Clues:
    • 1. The moon
    • 2. A cow
    • 3. The word “Jump”
  • Wrong answer: The Moon Jumps
  • Answer to Blue’s Clues: Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Living Room Picture Frame: A blank frame labeled with the word “Picture”.



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ABC's with Blue

ABC's with Blue



  • Sidetable and Mailbox have labels in this episode, but Snail doesn't. In the original episode, it was the other way around.
  • The original episode had Steve whisper-reading “The Boy & His Puppy” from A Really Great Book to himself, but in the remake, Josh reads “The Boy & His Puppy” from A Really Great Book out loud to the viewer. The remake also had music to go along with “The Boy & His Puppy” story.
  • The original episode's paw print cleanup involved Steve drawing the letter P on the paw print, then poking it and making it pop. In this episode, Josh poked the paw print and caused it to pop, leaving the word "POP" (which also starts with P) behind in the same color as the paw print behind, which also popped.
  • The moon that was the 1st clue was in a book about space and planets instead of a dictionary.
  • Sage and Ginger are with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper instead of Paprika
  • Juice was not included on the grocery list in this episode, but it appeared in place of the eggs in the cabinet where the milk was found.
  • In the original episode, the milk and the cereal had their names on them, while the bread had its label positioned diagonally, the banana had its label on its inner curve, and the labels for the brownie and pineapple are round with wavy edges. In this episode, all of the food have labels are positioned and shaped straight and square.
  • Blue has cards to sing along to the Mailtime song, but the viewers aren't heard singing along to the words.
  • In the original episode, Mailbox delivered the letters A, B, and C in addition to the video letter. In this episode, he only delivers the letter E because Josh has an e-mail.
  • In the original episode, "The Girl and The Puppy" was in a different font
  • The girl in the story actually speaks when she says "Hi". She also doesn't mind when the ball throws her.
  • No one other than Josh and Blue came to read "Hey Diddle Diddle".
  • The ball used in the sing-along of the So Long Song came from Steve's pocket and looked more like Blue's, but in this episode it appears from offscreen and looked like the one from "The Girl and the Puppy".
  • Blue has cards to sing along to the We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues song, but the viewers aren't heard singing along to the words.
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