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100th Episode Celebration is the 7th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

This is marked as a special clip show. This means the series reached 100 episodes as the previous episode was the 100th episode to be air.

Video releases[]


In a special meta episode, Mr. Salt and Joe host the 100th Blue's Clues Day Celebration, a musical revue with classic moments from the first 6 years of the show, filled with 5 different throwbacks! Even Steve came to visit from college as a special guest.






  • The characters broke the fourth wall by saying "100 shows". There are only 3 shows so far that relate to Blue's Clues.
  • There are goofs in many throwback scenes, please see this to see them.
    • Part of this could be that the production of the episodes to be aired in the future was not finished at that time.
  • Joe hopes the show would go on for 1,000 episodes, but it never happened, since the series ended in 2006. This applies to the original series. It also applies to the original (including Blue's Room) and reboot combined because the reboot is cancelled by Nick Jr. after five seasons.
  • In the “Sneek Peak” video, it showed footages of Colors Everywhere! and Joe Gets a Clue despite those episodes already aired.
  • The "Head writer" and "Content consultant" credit pages are left absent in the credits.


The Places We've Been[]

  • What Is Blue Afraid Of? (Season One) - Boo's Haunted House, Steve and Blue exploring
  • Patience - The Waiting Game, Closer to the end
  • Blue's Play - Blue's Collage of the play, Steve telling us where we are
  • Pretend Time - Jungle, Steve explaining that they're looking for "the rare Red-nosed Baboon"
  • Shape Searchers (goof throwback) - Grocery Store, About to play Shape Searchers
  • Art Appreciation - Art Museum, Painted Girl's home
  • Blue Goes to the Doctor - The Doctor's waiting room, Joe telling us where we are
  • What's That Sound? - Foley Studio, Steve telling us we did a great job matching the right sounds
  • Adventure - Book, Quest for Key, acting like wind
  • Superfriends - Comic Book, Steve as Stripeman finds Frank
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! - Steve telling the Grandfather Clock they're ready to race against time
  • Inventions - Blueprints, Steve checking out the place
  • Can You Help? - Joe spotting Cinderella
  • What Does Blue Want to Build? - Tink toy's contraption, Steve, Blue, and Tink going down the elevator
  • The Snack Chart (This Season) - Farm, Joe telling where we are
  • Words - Blank Sheet of paper, Steve pulling out the word "lion", the lion appears in front of them
  • Blue's Big Band - Book, Piano telling Joe and Blue it's time for school
  • Bugs! - Ant Column, Steve, Blue and Ant crawling through and Steve complementing on the column as they go through
  • Periwinkle Misses His Friend (Season Three) - Periwinkle's Model City, Steve looking around
  • What Was Blue's Dream About? (Season Two) - Sleeping Beauty's Nightmare, Steve calling Sleeping Beauty to tell her they're here
  • Blue's Big Treasure Hunt (Season Three) - Land of Great Discovery, Steve and Blue meeting Little Miss Muffet
  • Blue's News (Season One finale) - Chalkboard, Steve chuckling after drawing water across the screen
  • The Snack Chart (This Season) - Garden in outside, Joe spotting two birds and a squirrel with Shovel and Pail
  • Blue Goes to the Beach - Island picture on the postcard, Steve saying that Blue is in the water with Starfish, Seahorse, and Octopus
  • Joe Gets a Clue (Season Four) - Shape puzzle, Joe telling where we are
  • The Baby's Here! - Baby Hospital Stork Nurse asking what brings Steve and Blue to the baby hospital
  • Blue's Book Nook - Library, Steve saying there are a lot of books here
  • Colors Everywhere! (This Season) - Color book, Joe saying there are lots of colors here
  • Prehistoric Blue - Dinosaur Diorama, Steve pointing out Allosaurus
  • What's So Funny? - Silly town, Steve saying they must be in Silly town
  • Nature - Winter page, Steve catching snowflakes with his tongue
  • What's That Sound? - Sunroom at home, Steve, Blue, Shovel, Pail and Gopher snuggled in a blanket with Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika during a thunderstorm

The Laughs We've Had[]

  • Snack Time (Season One's first episode) - Steve looking under the bed as Blue is on it and Steve looking over the bed as Blue is under it
  • What's So Funny? - Steve and Mailbox looking at each other wearing plastic glasses and moustaches
  • Can You Help? (This Season) - Blue jumping from behind Boris and licking Joe's face
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! (Season Two) - Steve explaining what a minute is
  • Body Language (goof throwback) - Joe making a silly face and sounds in the thinking chair
  • What's That Sound? - Steve and Mailbox making silly sounds
  • Blue's Big Band - Blue and Joe as pigs running to school
  • Blue's Big Costume Party - Steve noticing Boo and Boo jumping back in fright as Steve says his name
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! (Season Two) - Steve telling the viewer to let him know when a minute is up
  • Blue's Collection - Steve asking the viewer if they want to help Shovel look for seashells but pronouncing the sounds, "sh" as "s" and "s" as "sh"
  • Occupations - Window washer Steve cleaning up Pawprint
  • Dress Up Day (goof throwback) - Joe as an elephant on stage exploring in the dark
  • What's So Funny? - Steve noticing he has a shoe on his head then remembering that you wear shoes on your ears
  • Animals in Our House? (goof throwback) - Joe standing behind a pink dress on a clothesline while trying to find the third clue
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! - Steve talking to the viewer about how great it is to spend a minute together while waiting for the mail
  • A Brand New Game - (goof throwback) Joe pretending to be a bouncing cow looking through a telescope.
  • The Anything Box - Steve, Blue, Shovel, Pail, and Post Guy riding in the box like a rollercoaster.
  • Mechanics! - Steve suggesting the beaver that he tries biking backward
  • Blue's Big Band - Joe and Blue dancing to the music after skidooing into the book
  • Can You Help? - Blue as a wolf chasing Joe as Red Riding Hood
  • Blue's Big Costume Party - Steve acting like an alien after singing the first part of "The So Long Song"
  • Let's Boogie - Steve falling while doing the spaghetti dance
  • Snack Time (Season One's first episode) - Steve falling after hearing the phone ring
  • What's So Funny? - Steve getting his Handy Dandy Notebook from Sidetable not realizing it's a potato
  • Pretend Time - A dragonfly landing on Steve's nose
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! (Season Two) - Steve relaxing and then the viewer alerting Steve that a minute is up as Mailbox comes in to give Steve his letter (or if you remember at the end, his second clue)

The Things We've Learned[]

  • Let's Boogie - Steve with Blue and Choreographer telling the viewer that he'll need their help
  • Signs - Steve asking the viewer if they'd help with the sign language story
  • The Snack Chart (This Season) - Joe making sure the viewer will help him with the Pigs and Potatoes Chart
  • Anatomy - Sarah Scientist asking Steve if he sees anything as she turns on
  • The Snack Chart (This Season) - Joe saying that we made everyone's favorite snack just by using the chart
  • Anatomy - Steve asking what part of Sarah Scientist's body that is
  • Thankful - Steve agreeing to the viewer when they say "In thirds" then explains that it gives three equal pieces for three felt friends
  • Anatomy - The viewer answering the question from the previous clip from the episode throwback, then Steve telling Sarah Scientist that her heart is pumping blood all through her body, then Sarah Scientist pointing out that's what the heart does, and Steve remembering from the beginning of that episode
  • Playing Store - Joe asking the viewer which frame will Joe's picture fit perfectly inside
  • What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? - Steve asking the viewer if his apple will sink or float
  • Blue's ABCs - Steve asking the viewer how they can fix the sentence to make more sense
  • Blue's Big Band - Joe's asking the viewer what the music is telling them to do
  • ¡Un Día Con Plum! - Plum explaining that "Hola" is how to say "Hello", "Hi", "Hey", "Howdy", (sometimes each along with "There") or "Greetings" in Spanish
  • Colors Everywhere! - Joe's asking the viewer what can they do to make the color green
  • Words - Steve asking the viewer which word to help them get past the lion using "ferocious" or "tame"
  • Math! (goof throwback) - Steve ask how many blue dollars he has left
  • Stormy Weather - "A cloud" the viewer telling Steve that a cloud is blocking the sun
  • Bugs! - "It's digging" the viewer telling us what the bug is doing
  • Blue's Sad Day - "Happy" the viewer telling us how Orange Kitten is feeling after painting a picture
  • Blue's Big Band - "A maraca" the viewer telling Joe the answer to Blue's Clues
  • Blue Is Frustrated - "Two" the viewer telling the rabbit how many blocks to put on her side of the teeter-totter
  • Contraptions! - "The spring" the viewer telling Joe which piece will make the ball go up so it can ring the bell
  • Superfriends - "Tie your shoes" the viewer suggesting that he should tie his shoes to not fall again
  • Patience - "Put it together" the viewer telling Periwinkle to put the plane together before flying it
  • Café Blue - "Pour some of that one in there" the viewer giving a solution to make everyone have the same amount of juice in their cups
  • Let's Boogie - "Hop" the viewer reminding Steve the final step in Pail's leaf dance and Steve remembering the step
  • Blue Is Frustrated - Steve telling Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper that when they get frustrated, they should stop, breathe, and think
  • Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme (Season One) - Steve saying that the words, "fox", "box", and "blocks", rhyme perfectly
  • Adventure - Steve as a knight saying that we used our imaginations to figure out how to get past the obstacles
  • Can You Help? - Joe lying on his front dressed as Little Red Riding Hood saying that we've been a big help all day
  • Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! (Season Two) - Steve in the kitchen telling the viewer that they're good at timing
  • Look Carefully... (goof throwback) - Joe telling us we did a great job looking carefully
  • Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza - Steve telling the viewer that they're an amazing coach
  • Blue's ABCs - "Good job!" Steve after fixing a sentence
  • What Story Does Blue Want to Play? - "Good work" Steve after helping a storybook character back into its book.
  • Pretend Time - "Well Done!" Steve after finding the frogs
  • The Snack Chart (This Season) - "Good Idea!" Joe after he hears what the viewer think Blue needs Joe's help with with a straw
  • Joe Gets a Clue - Steve telling the viewer that they are good at playing Blue's Clues
  • I'm So Happy! (This Season's Upcoming Episode; goof throwback) - Joe after playing Blue's Clues saying that the viewer is so smart makes Joe happy

The Clues We've Found[]

The Songs We've Sung[]

  • ¡Un Día Con Plum! - Cabeza, Piernas, Pies, Steve saying it's kind of like a song and telling the viewer to do the action song with him
  • Blue's Big Musical (Season Three)
    • Steve sings "At The Show" and it cuts to the next clip before Steve can sing "show"
    • Sidetable sings after Periwinkle lifts off his cape from her. The first "I just want to" and last "In the show" is not put into the throwback montage
  • Environments - Steve, Blue and Mother Nature singing the rainforest part with "The Rainforest is hot, but it's a wet spot" cut out
  • Colors Everywhere! (Season Five) - During "The Colors Song," Joe shows the viewers that the colors, blue and yellow, make green, and that blue and green make aquamarine.
  • Blue's Big Costume Party (Season Three) - Costume limbo for Blue and Magenta's turn, They go to the next clip before Steve can sing "How low can you go?"
  • The Alphabet Train (Upcoming Season Five episode) - Joe sings the chorus a 2nd time during "I'll Never Forget My Alphabet" between the letters, "H" and "I" (goof note: in the episode, Joe was completely shown crouched down and the "D" car with the drum was off of the screen; but in this episode, Joe is shown from the torso upstanding and the "D" car is still visible)
  • Signs and Patience - Steve and Joe sing the Mailtime Song. (In both of the episodes, Blue's Mailtime vocals from Blue's Favorite Song were used, but however in this episode, Blue's vocals were re-recorded.)
  • ¡Un Día Con Plum! - Clothes song
  • The Wrong Shirt - Steve, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper sing about day/night and heavy/light in the Opposites Song.
  • What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? - Steve and Sun sing "The Planet Song" without the last part, "We wanted to name the planets, and now we've named them all"
  • Stormy Weather - Steve sings the final step in the rain cycle song
  • Can You Help? (This Season's premiere) - Joe sings "We Sat on Down".

All Episodes Thrown Back (in Production Order)[]

From Season 1[]

  1. Snack Time
  2. Mailbox's Birthday
  3. Blue Goes to the Beach
  4. Pretend Time
  5. What Story Does Blue Want to Play?
  6. Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme
  7. What Is Blue Afraid Of?
  8. Magenta Comes Over
  9. Blue's News

From Season 2[]

  1. What Does Blue Want to Build?
  2. What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
  3. What Was Blue's Dream About?
  4. Blue's ABCs
  5. Math!
  6. Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock
  7. Blue's Sad Day
  8. What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?
  9. Blue Is Frustrated
  10. Mechanics!

From Season 3[]

  1. Art Appreciation
  2. Weight and Balance
  3. What's That Sound?
  4. Signs
  5. Thankful
  6. Animal Behavior!
  7. Occupations
  8. Anatomy
  9. Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  10. Pool Party
  11. Draw Along with Blue
  12. Nature
  13. Inventions
  14. What's So Funny?
  15. Environments
  16. Blue's Big Costume Party
  17. Shy
  18. Blue's Big Mystery
  19. Blue's Big Holiday
  20. Blue's Play
  21. Prehistoric Blue
  22. Words
  23. Periwinkle Misses His Friend
  24. Stormy Weather
  25. Blue's Collection
  26. The Wrong Shirt
  27. Café Blue
  28. Blue's Big Musical

From Season 4[]

  1. The Anything Box
  2. Adventure
  3. Superfriends
  4. The Baby's Here!
  5. What's Inside?
  6. Bugs!
  7. ¡Un Día Con Plum!
  8. Blue's Book Nook
  9. Let's Boogie
  10. Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
  11. Let's Plant
  12. Joe Gets a Clue
  13. Steve Goes to College

From Season 5[]

  1. I'm So Happy!
  2. Can You Help?
  3. The Snack Chart
  4. Colors Everywhere!
  5. Shape Searchers
  6. A Surprise Guest
  7. Contraptions!
  8. A Brand New Game
  9. Blue's Big Band
  10. Playing Store
  11. Patience
  12. The Alphabet Train
  13. Dress Up Day
  14. Body Language
  15. Look Carefully...
  16. Animals in Our House?
  17. Blue Goes to the Doctor


Goof Throwback Scenes

Other Gallery[]

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